Terms and Conditions



Rabbits will need to have been vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease VHD1 and new strain VHD2.  Please bring your rabbits up to date vaccination certificate with you on check in day or unfortunately they will not be able to board with us.  Vaccinations must have been given at least 14 days before check in, to allow immunity to build and recovery from any side effects which are rare.  If both vaccinations are due at the same time they should be given at least 14 days apart.  Both are annual vaccinations. 

There is also a new vaccination Nobivac Myxo-RHD PLUS which covers the original separate vaccines which is great as they only have to go to the vets once.  Please speak to your vet about this.

Vaccinations apply to rabbits only, guinea pigs do not need to be vaccinated.


Check in/out

We check in/out guests by arranged appointment between our opening hours.  We can be very busy and need definite times for dropping and picking up.  Please make sure you arrive on time as other guests have also made appointments.  The daily rate is charged whatever time your pet checks in and checks out.



When you bring your pet to stay, please also bring the booking fee in full in cash, unless you have previously paid by bank transfer. 



All animals boarding with us must be in good health, free from illness or injury.   Please make sure you inform us if your pet has any medical conditions and if they require anything specific throughout their stay, we will do our best to accommodate them.  During the summer months we would recommend that your rabbits are treated with rearguard to prevent flystrike.
If your pet becomes seriously ill, we will do our best to contact you or your emergency contact and take them to a vet.  If possible we will take them to your regular vet unless the travelling time to do so is detrimental to them, in which case we will use our own local vet, Firgrove Veterinary Centre.  Any costs incurred eg. veterinary consultation, treatment, medication etc. must be met by you, the owner.  This includes out of hours charges which can be a minimum of £125.   Animal welfare is our primary concern and we will always act in your pets best interest.

Dandelion Cottage do not accept any liability in the unlikely event your pet should become ill and pass away whilst in our care.  We accept no liability in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill, is attacked by another boarder or predator or passes away whilst staying with us.

Your pet will be cared for in a safe and secure environment, therefore all pets are left entirely at the owners risk.  In this unlikely event, your pet will be taken to our local vet where you can make further arrangements.  Any costs incurred will be met by you, the owner.

We accept no liability for injury sustained by you or your pet whilst on our premises.

Abandoned Pets

Please make sure you collect your pet within 7 days after the agreed collection date, otherwise if we are unable to contact you, we will need to arrange for your pet to be re-homed, unless there is acceptable communication received.  Any extra days boarding with us will be charged at our daily rate and will be due on collection of your pet.  


We would appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your booking.  

If you are delayed for any reason and you need any extra days boarding,  we will do all we can to accommodate your pets.  Any extra days are charged at our normal daily rate and payable on collection of your pet.

We do not refund for unused days if you collect your pet early.

The remaining balance for your pets holiday is still required if you decide to reduce the number of days booked during school holiday periods as these are our busiest times.


If your pets begin fighting we will contact you immediately.  If they need to be separated for the remainder of their stay then our daily rate applies for the use of an additional suite.  Payment for the extra suite will need to be made on the day of collection.

Please note that by boarding your pet with Dandelion Cottage you are agreeing to our terms and conditions